The Phantom Hands Journal features a collection of articles, opinions and interviews on design, architecture, furniture and craft. It also offers a 'behind the scenes' look into our work and inspirations.

Reiteration as Making: Tales of Star Chairs Remade

By: Parni Ray

Date: 11.12.2020

Design Cosmopolitanism: Between Chairs Exhibition, Bauhaus Dessau, 2017

By: Parni Ray

Date: 27.11.2020

Furnishing a Modern India - Gajanan Upadhyay

By: Parni Ray

Date: 20.11.2020

The National Institute of Design: Making a New Nation, By Design

By: Parni Ray

Date: 13.11.2020

A Reading of ‘The Architecture of Shivdatt Sharma’ and ‘A Concise History of Modern Architecture in India’

By: Parni Ray

Date: 06.11.2020

Phantom Hands Chair Origin Story - In Conversation About Beginnings with Deepak Srinath

By: Parni Ray

Date: 23.10.2020

Upholding Europe’s Legacy: From Chandigarh’s City Furniture to ‘Pierre Jeanneret’s Chairs’

By: Parni Ray

Date: 09.10.2020

Prof. Vikramaditya Prakash on the Authors of Chandigarh - In Conversation

By: Parni Ray, Deepak Srinath

Date: 25.09.2020

The Genesis of the Chandigarh Chair: Furniture as Infrastructure

By: Parni Ray

Date: 11.09.2020

Ar. Shivdatt Sharma on the Chandigarh School of Modernism - In Conversation

By: Parni Ray, Deepak Srinath

Date: 04.09.2020

Phantom Hands supports Canadian Centre for Architecture's 'Find and Tell' Program

By: Parni Ray

Date: 21.08.2020

The End of an Era

By: Deepak Srinath

Date: 11.08.2020

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