Wood Sourcing

We use both reclaimed and new timber sourced from verified supply chains in our furniture production.

The timber we use for most of the furniture we make is commonly known as Burma Teak (Scientific Name: Tectona grandis). Teak has high oil content, making it moisture, acid and alkali resistant. Weather changes don’t impact its shape. It is seldom affected by insects, borers or fungi. This makes the wood fantastically durable. The wood’s warm brown colour is a vibrant neutral that fits into a variety of environments and pairs with almost any shade.

We use both reclaimed and new timber.

Reclaimed timber is sourced from rafters of demolished old buildings, usually over a 100 years old. When buying rafters, we carefully examine and choose only those that are of a quality and size suitable for our furniture. These are then cut into planks and sized to required dimensions in our workshop.

We purchase new wood from suppliers who are reputed and who source ethically harvested timber and rigorously verify the origin certificate of every new batch we buy. New wood is air dried and seasoned in our warehouse for several months to bring down their moisture levels and make them perfect for furniture making.

Teak blocks and planks, freshly unloaded from shipping containers in the yard of our timber supplier.
Blocks of wood piled up for selection in the timber yard.
Wood sourcing is complex and time consuming, involving careful selection, studying grain patterns, measuring each plank or block, checking moisture content and cutting the blocks to section sizes required for our furniture models.
Machinery for sawing wood in the timber yard.
Planing and cutting blocks of wood to our required thickness.
Wood sections cut to our required sizes in the timber yard.
Sourcing reclaimed wood which is in the form of beams or rafters and obtained from demolished buildings.
Pile of waste wood in our workshop; we reuse these to make new products or supply them to other manufacturers for recycling.
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