R&D / Prototyping

We set up a dedicated R&D unit in 2020 to work on innovation in craft techniques, materials and processes across all our departments - carpentry, upholstery, wood finishing, cane weaving, and packaging.

Our workshop also doubles up as a laboratory to constantly come up with new ideas and conduct experiments. These experiments range across a variety of areas - joineries, wood finishes, weaving techniques, unexplored crafts, jigs and fixtures for efficient production, new tools and technologies, fabrics, materials, etc.

While prototyping and new product development have always been a fundamental part of what we do, we set up a dedicated R&D unit in 2020 to focus on building a repository of knowledge and craft documentation that we can offer to our design collaborators. Apart from an in-house team of designers and craft practitioners, we work with external experts from India and abroad to dive deep into our areas of research.

Wood finishes that were specially developed to match fabrics from the Zanav Collection.
Prototyping experiments with different router bits and techniques to get the V-Groove of the x+l Side Tables right.
Miniatures made by our carpenters during the lockdown, on display in our R&D unit. Wood shade samples are in the shelf below.
Carpentry R&D.
Stitch line length experiments for the upholstered sofas.
Design notes from our design collaborator Derek Welsh along with prototype parts.
Product R&D for x+l