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02 OC Standrad Side Final
03 OC Standrad Front Final
04 OC Detail A
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04 OC Black Isometric Cushion
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Office Chair V Leg

Designer Chandigarh Collective
Year/Period 1955
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 30.6 / D 23.9 / W 20.1 H 77.5 / D 60.5 / W 51.0
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Product Description

The Office Chair V Leg is re-edition of the office cane chair originally made for administrative offices in Chandigarh. Structural nuances seen in vintage pieces - including finger joints, inclination of the seat, bowed backrest, gentle rounding of edges along the length of arms and legs - are given due attention in our version of the chair. Attention is also paid to rustic elements of the original design (such as cane-work knots left exposed at the back of chair) which are all diligently preserved. The natural rattan cane used in the seat and back rest is peeled and woven meticulously by hand.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 30.6 / D 23.9 / W 20.1 H 77.5 / D 60.5 / W 51.0
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Natural Cane
Product variants N/A
Other information Arm Height - 26.2 66.5 Seat Height - 17.2 43.5
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Office Chair V Leg 1
Office Chair V Leg 2
Office Chair V Leg 3

Wood Finish and Cane Weave Options

We offer this product in a choice of four wood finishes: Natural Teak, Dark Stain, Z4 Walnut and Black.

For the Natural Teak finish, the wood is sanded and finished with hard wax oil to bring out the natural, golden-brown colour of the teak.

For the Dark Stain finish, a coat of water-based, teak stain is applied to give the wood a darker teak shade, followed by a coat of a sealer.

For the Z4 Walnut finish, a proprietary one, the wood is hand-stained with a water-based walnut stain and then a coat of a sealer is hand-applied.

For the Black finish, the wood is sprayed with an eco-friendly, water-based paint that leaves the grains and patterns visible.

Wood Finish - Natural Teak / Dark Stain / Z4 Walnut / Black Finish

Colour swatch of Natural Teak
Natural Teak
Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain
Colour swatch of Z4 Walnut
Z4 Walnut
Colour swatch of Black Finish
Black Finish

Cane Weave Options - Diamond Weave / Cross Weave

Colour swatch of Diamond Cane Weave
Diamond Cane Weave
Colour swatch of Cross Cane Weave
Cross Cane Weave
02 OC Hero

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