00 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Preview
02 xl Lounge Chair Sequoia Isometric
03 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Front
01 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Isometric
04 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Side
05 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Detail A
08 xl Lounge Chair Sequoia Detail A
09 xl Lounge Chair Sequoia Detail B
06 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Detail B
07 xl Lounge Chair Night Sky Detail C

x+l 11 Lounge Chair

Designer x+l
Collection x+l Collection
Year/Period 2023
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 25.4 / D 28.6 / W 25.2 H 64.5 / D 72.5 / W 64.0
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Product Description

The Lounge Chair echoes classic mid-century design and is constructed with traditional woodworking joineries. The upholstery fabric is a cotton/silk blend called 'Thasra'. The chair is available in two combinations of paired fabric colour and wood shade. The two combinations are Night Sky fabric colour (dark blue) + Burnt Cobalt Coir wood finish or Sequoia fabric colour (rust) + Dark Teak wood finish.

The fabric used for the chairs is a cotton/silk blend produce by our fabric collaborator Zanav Home. It is made up of a very coarse open end cotton yarn plied with hand spun silk yarn to compensate for the lack of strength of the cotton yarn. The silk yarn is made from mulberry silk waste which gives it a unique and uneven texture. The yarns are dyed to achieve the desired colours and woven on primitive looms whose frames are sunken in the ground. These pit looms are ideal for weaving fabrics like Thasra as the ground absorbs the tension of the heavy weaving, which is not possible with conventional looms. The process of spinning to weaving to finishing is done entirely by hand which translates into the character of the fabric. Inconsistencies in colour and texture are characteristic of this fabric.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 25.4 / D 28.6 / W 25.2 H 64.5 / D 72.5 / W 64.0
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Thasra cotton/silk blend fabric Polyurethane Foam Plywood base
Product variants -
Other information Seat Height - 14.8 37.5
Download technical sheet
XL 11 Lounge Chair page isometric
XL 11 Lounge Chair page front
XL 11 Lounge Chair page side
XL 11 Lounge Chair page top

Product Options

Upholstery Options - Thasra Night Sky / Sequoia

Colour swatch of Thasra Night Sky
Thasra Night Sky
Colour swatch of Thasra Sequoia
Thasra Sequoia

Wood Finish - Burnt Cobalt Coir / Dark Stain

Colour swatch of Burnt Cobalt Coir
Burnt Cobalt Coir
Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain

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