x+l 05 Modular Sofa

Designer x+l
Collection x+l
Year/Period 2020
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 24.5 62.0 / D 35.1 89.0 / W 49.3 125.0

Product Description

The x+l 05 Modular Sofa set comprises of individual upholstered units available in 3 variants- without arms, with one arm (left or right) and with both arms. Individual units can be used in different combinations to form single, double or three seater options (as illustrated below). Each unit has a seat cushion and a pair of back cushions. The sofa units are designed to be wide and spacious, with plenty of room for comfortable lounging. The legs and backrest of the sofa units are made of Burma Teak.

The x+l modular sofa is upholstered in a specially developed cotton/linen blend fabric called Andaman, produced by Zanav Home. The fabric is produced by hand, and vat dyed using a traditional, slow technique which causes the yarn to picks up dye differentially, producing subtle inconsistencies in the fabric colour. The final weave is done on traditional powerlooms. The fabric used in the image above is Andaman tarmac.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions

H 24.5 62.0 / D 35.1 89.0 / W 49.3 125.0

Materials Burma Teak (Tectona grandis) Cotton/Linen blend fabric Pinewood inner frame Metal Components
Product variants Both Arms - H 24.5 62.0 / D 35.1 89.0 / W 49.3 125.0 One Arm - H 24.5 62.0 / D 35.1 89.0 / W 44.5 113.0 No Arms - H 24.5 62.0 / D 35.1 89.0 / W 39.8 101.0
Other information Seat Height - 15 38.0 Two Seater Sofa Width - 89 226.0 Three Seater Sofa Width - 128.8 327.0
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Product Options

The x+l Modular Sofa is available only in the Andaman cotton/linen blend fabric from Zanav. The colour options we offer are Tarmac (olive green) and Plantation (a shade of khaki).

Upholstery Options - Andaman Tarmac/Plantation/Mustard

Colour swatch of Zanav Andaman Tarmac
Zanav Andaman Tarmac
Colour swatch of Zanav Andaman Plantation
Zanav Andaman Plantation
Colour swatch of Zanav Andaman Mustard
Zanav Andaman Mustard

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