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Nandi Study Table & Stool

Designer Klemens Grund
Collection Nandi Collection
Year/Period 2023
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 29.6 / L 36.5 / W 22.7 H 75.0 / L 92.5 / W 57.5
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Product Description

The pandemic revised our relationship with the desk. In a world upturned it became a much required stable ground, a place to return to everyday, to work. The desk has always held such a promise of stability in the modern world, often serving as a site for building rituals and forming habits. It was in appreciation of this that Klemens revisited the Study Table & Stool for this collection.

Simple, sleek and hand-crafted, the Nandi Study Table's linear form takes up little space but is spacious enough for all your work needs. It is constructed with solid teak legs and frame, and teak veneer on thin plywood for the table top. The direction of the grains in the veneer are perpendicular to the direction of grains on the outer teakwood frames. The visible joinery details at the intersection of the legs and the frame show the classical woodworking used in its construction.

The Nandi Study Stool it comes with echoes its straight lines and fits smoothly under it. lt was designed to accompany the Nandi desk, but works just as well independently. It has a similar construction as the table, with a solid teak frame and seat made with teak veneer on plywood. Like the Study Table, the grains of veneer are perpendicular to the frames. “The seat of the stool has a slight incline to tilt the pelvis slightly forward and straighten the spine. This allows you to sit on the stool for long periods and keep your concentration”, says Grund. Its compact, linear form makes it ideal for small spaces and city apartments.

All products of the Nandi collection come with special feet pads that have been customised as per the shape and size of each leg. They felt pads are inserted into a groove at the bottom of the leg to improve their durability and to make them less visible.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 29.6 / L 36.5 / W 22.7 H 75.0 / L 92.5 / W 57.5
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Teak Veneer
Product variants Nandi Stool - H 18.6 / D 14.6 / W 14 H 47.0 / D 37.0 / W 35.5
Other information N/A
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Product Options

We offer this product in a choice of two wood finishes: Natural Teak and Dark Stain.

For the Natural Teak finish, the wood is sanded and finished with hard wax oil to bring out the natural, golden-brown colour of the teak.

For the Dark Stain finish, a coat of water-based, teak stain is applied to give the wood a darker teak shade, followed by a coat of a sealer.

Wood Finish Options - Natural Teak / Dark Stain

Colour swatch of Natural Teak
Natural Teak
Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain

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