01 Easy X Chair Isometric
02 Easy X Chair Side
03 Easy X Chair Front Final
04 Easy X Chair Detail A
05 Easy X Chair Detail B
06 Easy X Chair Detail C

Cross Easy Chair

Designer Chandigarh Collective
Year/Period 1955
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 29.4 / D 30.2 / W 22.5 H 74.5 / D 76.5 / W 57.0
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Product Description

The Cross Easy Chair or Easy Armchair X Leg is a re-edition of a lounge chair model designed for use in reception lobbies in Chandigarh's public buildings in the 1950s. The chair has symmetric X (cross) assemblies that form a unified leg and armrest. The armrests and seat are inclined upwards and parallel to each other, giving the chair its distinct look. The backrest is bowed, inclined at a comfortable angle and thicker than the backrest of the V leg Easy Armchair version.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 29.4 / D 30.2 / W 22.5 H 74.5 / D 76.5 / W 57.0
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Natural Cane
Product variants N/A
Other information Arm Height - 24.5 62.0 Seat Height - 14.4 36.5
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Cross Easy Armchair 1
Cross Easy Armchair 2
Cross Easy Armchair 3

Product Options

We offer this product in a choice of three wood finishes: Natural Teak, Dark Stain, Z4 Walnut.

For the Natural Teak finish, the wood is sanded and finished with hard wax oil to bring out the natural, golden-brown colour of the teak.

For the Dark Stain finish, a coat of water-based, teak stain is applied to give the wood a darker teak shade, followed by a coat of sealer.

For the Z4 Walnut finish, a proprietary one, the wood is hand-stained with a water-based walnut stain and then a coat of sealer is hand-applied.

Please note, each batch of teak is unique and actual shade may vary a little from the reference images.

Wood Finish - Natural Teak / Dark Stain / Z4 Walnut

Colour swatch of Natural Teak
Natural Teak
Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain
Colour swatch of Z4 Walnut
Z4 Walnut

Cane Weave Options - Diamond Weave / Cross Weave

Colour swatch of Diamond Cane Weave
Diamond Cane Weave
Colour swatch of Cross Cane Weave
Cross Cane Weave

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