01 Ke Sa UEC Ink Front
03 Ke Sa UEC Ink Isometric B
04 Ke Sa UEC Ink Side
07 Ke Sa UEC Ink Detail C
06 Ke Sa UEC Ink Detail B
05 Ke Sa UEC Ink Detail A

Upholstered Easy Armchair/ KeSa Ink

Designer Chandigarh Collective/ Padmaja Krishnan
Year/Period 1955
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 30.8 / D 33.1 / W 27.8 H 78.0 / D 84.0 / W 70.5
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Product Description

Products in the KeSa Upholstery Collection are available in a set of fabric colourways, designed and produced by textile designer Padmaja Krishnan. The colourway seen in the image above is called KeSa Ink.

The fabric used for the KeSa Upholstery Collection is an upcycled 'Patchwork Textile'. It is created through a process of collecting discarded cotton fabric scraps and new fabrics, arranging them with care into specific patterns, and sewing them one piece at a time by hand, and then by machine. Making this fabric is a very time-consuming, laborious process as each yard of the fabric needs to be designed individually every time. This long and intense process of stitching and making enough fabric for one chair is done entirely by women artisans in Padmaja's workshop in Mumbai. Therefore, every piece we make as part of the KeSa collection is truly unique, even though they belong to a specific colourway.

A specially-designed cushion is optionally available for each chair model in the KeSa Upholstery Collection. The cushion is designed keeping in mind the ergonomics of the Easy Armchair and is called the 'Manju' cushion.

Fabric colourways in the KeSa Upholstery Collection are paired with hand-stained wood finishes, developed by Phantom Hands. The wood finish paired with Ink is called Burnt Cobalt-Coir and has a distinct bluish-black tinge. Burnt Cobalt-Coir finish is achieved by hand burnishing the wood, applying a combination of stains in controlled proportions, and finally removing the sheen by using steel wool.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 30.8 / D 33.1 / W 27.8 H 78.0 / D 84.0 / W 70.5
Materials Teak (Tectona Grandis) Patchwork KeSa Ink Fabric Polyurethane Foam Pinewood Inner Frame Metal Components
Product variants N/A
Other information Arm Height - 25 63.5 Seat Height - 16.6 42.0
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Upholstered Easy Armchair
Upholstered Easy Armchair 1
Upholstered Easy Armchair 2

Product Options

The Upholstered Easy Armchair / KeSa Ink is available in the Ink patchwork fabric in 100% certified organic cotton and the Burnt Cobalt-Coir wood finish.

Upholstery Option - KeSa Ink

Colour swatch of KeSa Ink
KeSa Ink

Wood Finish - Burnt Cobalt-Coir

Colour swatch of Burnt Cobalt Coir
Burnt Cobalt Coir

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