Upholstered Easy Armchair/ Zanav Upholstery/ Special Edition

Collection Zanav Upholstery
Year/Period 1955
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 30.8 78.0 / D 33.1 84.0 / W 27.8 70.5

Product Description

This special edition of the Upholstered Easy Armchair is upholstered in a cotton/linen blend fabric called Andaman Slate created by the textile maker Zanav. The fabric has been woven using a simple Panama weave pattern and dyed to a slate black colour.

The entire yarn production process - from yarn winding, warping, denting, drawing to dyeing - is done by hand. The yarn is dyed using the specialized vat dyeing process, in which the yarn is turned manually in and out of a vat containing solubilized dyes, resulting in a continuous reduction and oxidation in the fibre until the desired colour is achieved. The yarn picks up dye differentially, and the result is a subtle inconsistency of colour which is the hallmark of all Zanav fabrics. The final fabric is woven on traditional power looms that are relics from a bygone era.

To match the fabric, we created a special wood finish– Charcoal (Z7) - for this version of the Easy Armchair. The Z7 finish is achieved by hand applying layers of black stain and sealer, followed by burnishing with a steel brush to give the wood a textured finish.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions

H 30.8 78.0 / D 33.1 84.0 / W 27.8 70.5

Materials Burma Teak (Tectona grandis) Fabric Upholstery Polyurethane Foam Pine Wood Inner Frame
Product variants N/A
Other information Arm Height - 25 63.5 Seat Height - 16.6 42.0
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Product Options

The Upholstered Easy Armchair/ Special Edition is available in Zanav Andaman Slate fabric and Z7 Charcoal wood finish.

Upholstery Option - Andaman Slate

Colour swatch of Zanav Andaman Slate
Zanav Andaman Slate

Wood Finish Option - Z7 Charcoal

Colour swatch of Z7 Charcoal
Z7 Charcoal

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