01 Tangali Day Bed Isometric
02 Tangali Day Bed Side
03 Tangali Day Bed Front
04 Tangali Day Bed Detail A
05 Tangali Day Bed Detail B
06 Tangali Day Bed Detail C

Tangāli Day Bed

Collection Tangāli Collection
Year/Period 2018
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 16.2 / L 74.9 / W 29.4 H 41.0 / L 190.0 / W 74.5
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Product Description

The Tangāli Day Bed is part of the second collection designed by INODA+SVEJE for Phantom Hands. Innovation in cane weaving pattern was a hallmark of the design process for the Tangāli collection. Tangāli means cool breeze in the Kannada language - spoken locally in Bangalore where the Phantom Hands workshop is based.

The Day Bed is known as 'charpoy' in India and is an essential and historically significant piece of furniture. Versions of the charpoy are seen in most homes in rural India even today. They are usually made with wood and woven fabric or ropes. Pierre Jeanneret is credited with designing several modernist variants of the Day Bed during his stay in Chandigarh in the 1950s, some just for his personal use.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 16.2 / L 74.9 / W 29.4 H 41.0 / L 190.0 / W 74.5
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Natural Cane Fabric and Foam (for the bolster)
Product variants N/A
Other information N/A
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Wood Finish Options

We offer this product in a choice of four wood finishes: Natural Teak and Dark Stain.

For the Natural Teak finish, the wood is sanded and finished with hard wax oil to bring out the natural, golden-brown colour of the teak.

For the Dark Stain finish, a coat of water-based, teak stain is applied to give the wood a darker teak shade, followed by a coat of sealer.

The Tangāli cane weave pattern, specially developed by INODA+SVEJE for this collection, is a special weave with double strands of cane wrapped around the edges of the wooden frame of the products.

Wood Finish Options - Natural Teak / Dark Stain

Colour swatch of Natural Teak
Natural Teak
Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain

Cane Weave Pattern - Tangāli Weave

Colour swatch of Tangāli Weave
Tangāli Weave
01 Tangali Bench Hero
Mark Alexander catalog, Stylists: Rozzi Stanford/Alyce Taylor, Photographer: Jake Curtis/Stuart Milne

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