03 Side Profile Black Chair 3
02 Isometric Black Chair More White
01 Front Profile Black Chair
04 Black Chair Detail Back

Crocodile Chair / Black Finish

Designer Studio Feixen / Felix Pfäffli
Collection PH + / Crocodile Collection
Year/Period 2023
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 27.6 / D 29.2 / W 22.5 H 70.0 / D 74.0 / W 57.0
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Product Description

The Crocodile Chair and Stool are the first products to come out of PH + , a platform within Phantom Hands for experimental collaborations with designers and artists.

Felix Pfäffli, a Swiss Graphic Designer known for his bold forms, curvilinear lines, bolts of colours and unusual geometries, interprets the classic Chandigarh Easy Armchair attributed to Pierre Jeanneret 'as a graphic designer would'.

A zig-zag pattern runs through the side of the back, armrests and legs of the chair creating distinctive edges that conjure images of bunting flags, a staircase or….. crocodile teeth. Closer inspection will reveal that there are no sharp edges, just gently-rounded curves. The elements that form the zig-zag pattern are joined together in a manner that completely reveals the details of the joinery, rather than hiding it.

The chair comes in a selection of two wood finishes and four fabric colour pairings for each of the wood finishes, all carefully composed by Felix. The upholstery colours are custom-developed by our fabric collaborator Zanav, through the traditional process of vat dyeing handspun yarn.

The image above shows the chair in lightly textured Black Wood Finish with Andaman Verdant Green and Blanc De Blanc fabrics for the backrest and seat.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions H 27.6 / D 29.2 / W 22.5 H 70.0 / D 74.0 / W 57.0
Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Polyurethane Foam Cotton/Linen Fabric Plywood
Product variants -
Other information Arm Height - 22.9 58.0 Seat Height - 15.4 39.0
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Side view
Isometric view
Front view
Top view

Product Options

Wood Options - Crocodile Chair

Colour swatch of Dark Stain
Dark Stain
Colour swatch of Black Finish
Black Finish

Fabric Options - Crocodile Chair

Colour swatch of Andaman Elephant Skin
Andaman Elephant Skin
Colour swatch of Andaman Licorice
Andaman Licorice
Colour swatch of Andaman Blanc De Blanc
Andaman Blanc De Blanc
Colour swatch of Andaman Verdant Green
Andaman Verdant Green
01 Black Chair Black Fabric
04 Brown Chair Grey Fabric
02 Brown Chair Tricolour Fabric
03 Brown Chair Black Fabric

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“It's rare for a graphic designer to get to make a chair,” Felix Pfäffli says with a satisfied chuckle. “So, having got a chance, I started with the ambitious goal of creating something that would stand out in the story of design”. The result, the ‘Crocodile Chair’, is a testament to Felix's foundation in the Swiss style of graphic design. By choosing the Chandigarh Armchair as his starting point, it is also an oblique nod to the International style of architecture that manifested in Le Corbusier's designs for Chandigarh.

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