Phantom Hands at Spring Place, New York City

Phantom Hands' armless chairs at the board room of Spring Palace. Images courtesy: Phantom Hands Archive.


Deepak Srinath



A visit to Spring Place, New York City.

I was in New York last month for a couple of weeks and keen to visit Spring Place, 'a workspace and membership club connecting work, leisure and culture for a select community of global influencers, creative entrepreneurs and industry leaders'.

Spring Place opened recently in the TriBeCa neighbourhood of Manhattan and their interior designers had purchased 33 armless chairs and four coffee tables from our Project Chandigarh collection.

I figured it would be difficult for me to visit during spring as they were reluctant to let non-members in for a visit.

Phantom Hands' armless dining chairs from the Project Chandigarh collection in the conference room of Spring Place, New York City.

Chance Encounters

A day before I was to leave New York, I was at dinner with a restaurateur friend of ours in the iconic Cafe Luxembourg. As I described the Chandigarh-inspired furniture we make, our friend mentioned that she had just seen some amazing Pierre Jeanneret- style furniture in a club called Spring Place. She mentioned a collection of armless chairs around a stunning table.

When I told her that the chairs were made by us, she immediately fixed a meeting for me with the managing director of Spring Place for next morning to see our furniture in action.

This visit was the highlight of my New York sojourn. Seeing our furniture amidst all the other mid-century classics in that setting was an amazing experience.

Talk about amazing coincidences!

Coffee table from our Project Chandigarh collection at Spring Place, New York City.

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