Tell Me How You Did It: A Conversation Between Journalist Namrata Zakaria and Phantom Hands Founder Deepak Srinath

Deepak Srinath at the Phantom Hands Workshop. Image courtesy: Martien Mulder.


Deepak Srinath



For her podcast series, ‘Tell me how you did it,' journalist Namrata Zakaria has candid conversations with the founders of India’s most innovative homegrown brands about their journeys in entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Namrata speaks with Phantom Hands founder Deepak Srinath about how he chanced upon making furniture and how the design studio is 'one of Indian design's' best-kept secrets.

The podcast is available on Mint, HT Smartcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, among other places.

Here is the video of the interview

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