Upholstered Armless Chair/ Zanav Upholstery/ Special Edition

Collection Zanav Upholstery
Year/Period 1954
Dimensions ( cm / in ) H 30 76.0 / D 33.1 84.0 / W 21.9 55.5

Product Description

This Special Edition of the Upholstered Armless Chair is upholstered in a 'wild silk' fabric called Shekhpura. Shekhpura is a rough, hardy silk fabric made of yarn spun from fibre left over after spinning the finer Tussah and Ghicha, typically used for saris and clothing. All three variants of the silk come from wild silkworms, and not the more commonly available yarn from cultivated silkworms. Being made of commercial textile waste, Shekhpura is a super upcycled fabric. It can only be woven manually, on hand looms.

The Shekhpura fabric used on our chairs has been put through rigorous testing for upholstery usage and is reinforced with a backing layer to give them stability. To match the fabric, we created a special wood finish – Walnut (Z4) for this version of the Armless Chair. The Walnut (Z4) finish is achieved by hand staining the wood with a water based walnut stain and then hand applying a coat of sealer.

Product Specification

Standard dimensions

H 30 76.0 / D 33.1 84.0 / W 21.9 55.5

Materials Teak (Tectona grandis) Shekhpura 'Wild Silk' Fabric Polyurethane Foam Pinewood Inner Frame Metal Components
Product variants N/A
Other information Seat Height - 16 40.5
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Product Options

The Upholstered Armless Chair / Special Edition in Shekhpura fabric and Z4 Walnut wood finish.

Upholstery Finish - Shekhpura

Colour swatch of Shekhpura

Wood Finish - Z4 Walnut

Colour swatch of Z4 Walnut
Z4 Walnut

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