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PH+ is an experimentative platform for bringing together design, craft and materials in new and surprising ways.

Through PH+ we invite designers and artists to immerse themselves in the craft practices, knowledge and community of Phantom Hands and encourage them to take a more playful, risk-taking approach. The products thus created are meant to open up debate and contrarian points of view.

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The Crocodile Chair & Stool
Studio Feixen / Felix Pfäffli

03 Brown Chair Black Fabric

The Crocodile Chair, as the name suggests, with its armour-like, jagged appearance, emulates the conical teeth of the reptile

“When you look at the chair (for the) first time, it’s somehow slightly aggressive,” its designer, Felix Pfäffli of Studio Feixen explains. “(But) the closer you come and actually touch it and sit on it, it’s all about being comfortable in the end.”.

01 Black Chair Black Fabric

Felix is a Switzerland-based graphic designer, who specialises in creating visual concepts. The Crocodile Chair is his debut in product design. Working with the basic framework of the Easy Armchair—a comfortable lounge chair originally designed for offices and residences in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad by Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950s—he created a chair that “a graphic designer would do”.

It's rare for a graphic designer to get to make a chair. So, having got a chance, I started with the ambitious goal of creating something that would stand out in the story of design.

Felix Pfäffli

02 Brown Chair Multicolour Fabric

A zig-zag pattern runs through the side of the back, armrests and legs of the chair creating distinctive edges that conjure images of bunting flags, a staircase or, as Felix sees it, crocodile teeth.

Closer inspection will reveal that there are no sharp edges, just gently-rounded curves. The zig-zag pattern featured in the legs tapers upwards, resulting in a unique joinery that features a semi-pentagon notch that aligns perfectly with the zig-zag pattern of the armrest above.

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'The Crocodile Chair & Stool by Studio Feixen / Felix Pfäffli'

Don’t be governed by the grid, but govern the grid. A grid is like a lion cage - if the trainer stays too long it gets eaten up. You have to know when to leave the cage.

Massimo Vignelli

Finishes & Fabrics

The chair comes in a selection of two wood finishes and four fabric colour pairings for each of the wood finishes. The upholstery colours are custom-developed by our fabric collaborator Zanav, through the traditional process of vat dyeing handspun yarn.

About the Designer

Founded by Felix Pfäffli, Studio Feixen is a design studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland that creates visual concepts. While their work is rooted in graphic design they also take on projects spanning across type design, fashion design, interior design or animation—as long as it is challenging and interesting. Since founding his studio in 2009, Felix has collaborated with brands such as Apple, Nike, Hermès, Monocle Magazine, and the Museum for Design in Zürich.

Felix Pfäffli, who graduated from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, also teaches at Fachklasse Grafik Luzern and is the youngest member in the history of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), a club of the world's leading graphic artists and designers.

The Crocodile Chair and Stool can be purchased directly from Phantom Hands.

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DRAFT Felix Profile

Founded by Felix Pfäffli, Studio Feixen is a design studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland that creates visual concepts. The Crocodile Chair and Stool are his debut in product design.

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