Phantom Hands Supports Canadian Centre for Architecture's 'Find and Tell' Program

Letter about the planning and construction of Chandigarh, India between 1951 and 1967. Image courtesy: Pierre Jeanneret Fonds, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Gift of Jacqueline Jeanneret.


Parni Ray



Phantom Hands supported Dr. Sangeeta Bagga’s Participation in Canadian Centre for Architecture's 'Find and Tell' Program in 2019.

Pierre Jeanneret Archives

The Find and Tell Program at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is a residency to which experts on subjects relevant to the institution’s archival holdings are invited. Invitees are expected to put forward their interpretation of material within one of the centre’s archives or its photography collection.

Following each residency, the material selected by the experts is made available through the CCA website, accompanied by an essay that supports their specific curatorial approach.

Over the last few years, CCA has been working to ensure the discoverability of their collection by a broad international audience. In aid of this, Phantom Hands made a donation to support the digitisation of the Pierre Jeanneret Archives at the centre in 2016.

In 2019, we made a further contribution to cover expenses of Dr. Sangeeta Bagga’s research residency as part of the Find and Tell program.

Dr. Bagga is a professor at the Chandigarh College of Architecture. While at CCA she surveyed the photography collection of the Pierre Jeanneret Fonds.

Find and Tell - Dr. Sangeeta Bagga on Pierre Jeanneret

Read: Dr Bagga's Essay.

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Visit: CCA’s Pierre Jeanneret archives.

Discovering Pierre Jeanneret: One of the Unsung Heroes of Chandigarh

A chance encounter with a pair of office chairs from Chandigarh sent Deepak Srinath looking into heritage furniture from the city, and architect-designer Pierre Jeanneret.

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Digitising the Pierre Jeanneret Fonds at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

Phantom Hands made a contribution to the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal in 2016 to support the digitisation of the Pierre Jeanneret archives preserved at the institute.

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A Visit to the Chandigarh Architecture Museum

The Chandigarh Architecture Museum is one of my favourite buildings in Chandigarh. Designed by architect S.D. Sharma, a protege of Corbusier and Jeanneret, the building draws inspiration from the Pavillion Le Corbusier in Zurich.

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