Nityan Unnikrishnan


Goa, India

Nityan Unnikrishnan is an artist and designer based in Goa, India. Following graduate studies in Industrial Design at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, he practiced as a potter and worked on crafts development projects in various parts of rural India. In 2010 he began painting and sculpting full time and has exhibited consistently since.

His entry into furniture design was incidental. What began with making a plywood dining table for his home continued over the decade that followed, with a number of furniture design projects, mostly for friends and family. Nityan’s design aesthetic is situated between the varied, boundless layers of India’s arts and crafts, India’s post-Independence Modernism, and to some extent, the modernism of the West-an outcome of his time at NID.

by Nityan Unnikrishnan

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The Palakkad Chair: An Ode to Artist Nityan Unnikrishnan’s Long-standing Bond with Furniture

It all started in 2013 with a birthday gift. Based then in New Delhi, artist Nityan Unnikrishnan, designed a wood-and-cane chair inspired by George Nakashima, as a gift for his friend. Now, almost 10 years and several iterations later, that chair has evolved, through a collaboration with Phantom Hands, into the Palakkad Chair.

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