Teak and Cane Bench

A re-edition of the low teak bench designed for residential hostels in Chandigarh. The bench is a 3-seater with cane lattice seating and characteristic V leg assemblies on either end. Each V leg assembly is comprised of a long and short leg piece. A supporting crossbar runs along the length of the bench between the the longer leg pieces. The bench is finished with sealer and transparent wood polish.

Materials Used
Teak (Tectona Grandis) and natural cane.

H 38.0 cm x L 138.0 cm x W 48.0 cm (H 15.0 in x L 54.0 in x W 18.0 in)

Design Period
c. 1956

Several bench models were designed for Chandigarh. They differed in the position of the crossbars between the two sets of legs, number of crossbars and the choice of cane or wooden lattice seating. This particular model was created for the M.L.A Hostel flats (residential quarters for Member of the Punjab state legislative assembly)