High Stool with Cane Seat

A high stool with cane lattice seating and solid teak frame. The round seat frame is made of two concentric circles with gently rounded edges. A pair of intersecting crossbars support the legs.

Materials Used
Teak (Tectona Grandis) and natural cane.

H 70.5 cms x Leg Width 47.5 cms x Seat Diameter 39.5 cms (H 27.7 in x Leg Width 18.7 in x Seat Diameter 15.5 in)

Design Period
c 1965

The Round High Stool with cane seat was originally produced in Chandigarh in two main variants – one with a broader and more curved wooden crossbar and one with a narrower wooden crossbar. We prototyped the version with the narrow crossbar based on a commission from an L.A based interior designer.

This particular stool version was designed for the Science Department and made tall enough to function as lab stools.

Interestingly, we discovered another variant of the high stool in a government office in Chandigarh that has not been documented in any catalog or book on Chandigarh furniture. This version had extremely narrow crossbars and was taller than the two models that are documented.