Timber and Cane

The wood we use for most of our furniture is Burma Teak (Scientific name: Tectona Grandis).  Teak is extremely robust and resistant to borers and other pests. It has a characteristic golden brown shade and is great for making chairs and tables. We use both reclaimed timber and new timber. 

Reclaimed timber is sourced from rafters of old buildings that are demolished and usually over a 100 years old. We carefully examine the rafters and choose only those rafters that are of a quality and size suitable for our furniture. These rafters are then cut into planks and planed to the required dimensions in our workshop.

We purchase new timber in the form of logs from reputed and responsible timber merchants who source ethically harvested timber. We verify the origin certificate of every batch of new timber we purchase. New timber is seasoned in kilns and naturally aired in our warehouse for several months to make them perfect for furniture making.

Many of the chairs we make have cane seats and backs. Cane is obtained by peeling flat strips from the outer edges of rattan reeds. Cane is a very resilient material and our handcrafted cane seat and back can last for several years without sagging if maintained well.

Packing Materials

Our shipping cartons are made from special honeycomb structured cardboard that provides very robust packing while being lightweight, eco-friendly and recyclable.