Our Story

Phantom Hands was founded in 2014 as an online store for vintage furniture and antiques from India. We curated objects in which quality craftsmanship and attention to detail stood out, both in the design and the making of the object. We loved furniture with an aesthetic that was not ornate and where simplicity, clean lines, proportions and logic of construction stood out.

Along the way we discovered modern Indian furniture design stories such as Chandigarh's mid-century modern furniture created by Pierre Jeanneret and others in the 1950s, Art Deco furniture from 1960s Bombay, George Nakashima influenced furniture in Ahmedabad , as well as the creations of many individual architects and designers for specific projects. With our family heritage of furniture making that goes back over 40 years, the opportunity to apply traditional Indian craftsmanship to preserve and enhance these iconic furniture designs became more compelling everyday.

We launched our first collection, Project Chandigarh, in May 2015. Our re-editions of Chandigarh furniture embody the furniture philosophy of the designers who created them – that it should handcrafted by local craftsmen, that the maker should re-edit it as per their judgement, it should be elegant yet functional, modernist yet robust, and made using seasoned local hardwoods like teak and rosewood.