INODA+SVEJE is a design duo comprising of Kyoko Inoda (Japan) and Nils Sveje (Denmark). Inoda studied architectural design at ISAD in Milan. Sveje graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Inoda + Sveje was founded in 2000 in Copenhagen. They moved their base of operations to Milan in 2003. Together they have developed an harmonious and sensitive approach applied in both the design process and the resulting form and aesthetics.

INODA+SVEJE has applied their competences as traditional external designers and as consultants in teams of specialists for established brands and startups under construction. Their services has been applied on artisan products, like wooden furniture, and high tech equipment like nanotech and medical devices.


x + l

x + l stands for Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel, designers based in Amsterdam, Holland. With a background in theatre and art, they founded x+l studio in 1996, focussing on interior design. Through the years they worked for several disciplines: photography, advertising, stage design, fashion and exhibition design.

In addition to this commissioned work they create handmade objects that are unique or produced in very small numbers. The studio consists of just the two founders. Working closely together with artisan friends, enables them to maintain the very personal view that is x+l.