Muṅgāru Lounge Chair

The Mugāru Lounge Chair is designed by Milan based INODA+SVEJE exclusively for Phantom Hands. The design draws inspiration in equal parts from the modernist legacy of Chandigarh’s mid-century furniture, and the level of skill that traditional Indian craft based production offers. 

Muṅgāru is a word in the Kannada language (spoken locally in Bangalore where the Phantom Hands workshop is based) used to describe the gentle yet rejuvenating pre-monsoon rains. Kyoko and Nils designed & prototyped the chair in our workshop as the monsoon set in and the name became apt for the chair. 

Materials Used

Teak (Tectona Grandis) and natural cane.

H 73.0 cm x W 53.0 cm x D 58.0 cm ; Seat Height : 43.0 cm 



Design Period