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Padmaja Krishnan is textile designer based in Mumbai. The KeSa collection by Padmaja continues our exploration of handmade Indian textiles for upholstery and the use of up-cycled material in the products we produce. The collection will launch with Upholstered Chairs and extend to seating cushions and other products.

KeSa (patched imperfection)

KeSa refers to single-layer garments stitched together by Buddhist monks from rags and discarded clothing. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Kāsāya which referred to the dark brown or saffron colour of these garments. By redefining the useless and discarded, choosing techniques that are slow and not fully controllable and finding effects in defects, Padmaja endeavours to break the tedium of mass manufacture and create textiles that can be labeled classic and modern at the same time. It follows the native tradition of respecting things we have instead of wanting more. Inspired by the traditional KeSa, these textiles are created through an intense process of collecting discarded fabric scraps, arranging them with care, sewing them one piece at a time by hand, and then by machine. These textiles are an ode to the transience of things, the flowing of time and a sort of rustic beauty - that imperfect and aged objects are often the most beautiful. They carry the beautiful symbolism of where we come from and where we hopefully go to as a world & society.