Discovering Pierre Jeanneret Posted on 04 May 15:56 , 0 comments


I first came across a pair of Pierre Jeanneret Office chairs in an antique dealers shop in mid 2014. The dealer is a good friend and long time associate. He said that he had reserved these 'Corbusier chairs' for me and I should list them on my antiques website Later that evening I googled 'corbusier chairs' and couldn't tear myself away from the screen for a few hours. I learnt about the chain of scrap dealers, art dealers, galleries and auction houses who have created the phenomenal market for ‘original’ Chandigarh furniture. Most importantly, I learnt about the life of Pierre Jeanneret and fell in love with his furniture. 

Over the next few weeks, I bought all the books I could find on the Chandigarh adventures of Corbusier and Jeanneret. A visit to Chandigarh followed soon and the Chandigarh story sucked me into its vortex. Pierre Jeanneret's life and work triggered my eternal admiration for the underdog. Jeanneret was to Corbusier what Harrison was to Lennon/McCartney. In a few weeks, Project Chandigarh began to take shape in my head and my own Chandigarh Adventure began.