QC & Packing

Quality checks are an integral part of our process at every stage; the final quality check before a consignment ships is the most rigorous, involving three rounds of checking. Packing is handled by a dedicated team, who are trained to understand potential vulnerable areas in every model we produce and reinforce them to ensure that chances of damage during transit are negligible.

Quality Control starts with the material we procure.
Furniture lined up for final quality check (QC).
Each piece of furniture in a consignment undergoes a thorough inspection based on a quality process manual. Minor blemishes, if any, are corrected and a check list is signed off by our QC supervisor before the items are released for packing.
Chair legs are checked on a levelling table and sanded if they are not perfectly balanced.
Three rounds of checking is done on every consignment before packing.
Each piece of furniture has a label with a unique serial number to identify the collection, designer and production batch.
Packing boxes lined up in our warehouse. We use specially designed corrugated cardboard cartons that can withstand the rigours of transportation by sea, air or road.
Boxes are bound securely with strapping material and secured with clamps.
Finally, packed boxes are loaded on to containers or trucks of our shipping partners - DHL, FedEx and other freight forwarders.
The same quality standards apply to the plants in our garden too :).
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